Activities that have taken place since the start of HERESA

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Communities of Practice

A key activity emanating from the HERESA project, was the creation of four Communities of Practice (CoPs). The role of these CoP’s is to bring together a diverse group of experts from each of the HERESA partner institutions to focus on 4 priority areas: Competence-Based Learning, Work – Integrated Learning, Entrepreneurship Education and Teaching for the 4th Industrial Revolution. In addition to the above, an overarching element of Leadership will be focused on in each of the CoP’s.

Higher Education Reform Experts South Africa (HERESA) Café

HERESA has organised a series of pop-up conversations where HERESA pedagogic experts/practitioners share their knowledge and experiences on different themes in higher education. Coined as the HERESA Cafe, this ongoing series will provide an easily accessible and authentic series of informal conversations/workshops (Dialogue Inspired Learning) for academics using a virtual café platform.

These conversations are open to all academic leaders and practitioners from South African and European institutions that belong to the HERESA project.

Read the review of our first HERESA Cafe here.

Higher Education Reform Experts South Africa (HERESA) Podcasts

HERESA is set to launch a podcast dedicated to discussing themes in higher education
Over the last three months, the Media Team for HERESA has been devising more effective ways to promote our events and initiatives. As an EU-funded project with THENSA and OBREAL Global as strategic partners, it became clear to us that we needed to go beyond the odd social media post or radio and television slot to realise our objectives.

If we wanted to advocate for higher education reform, we had to make use of the mediums and platforms which are currently attracting the most eyes and ears. We had to pivot, adjust and adapt to the ever-changing media and marketing landscape where oversaturation and distraction can often get in the way of attracting decisive, meaningful coverage.

In response to these shifts and realities, we will be launching “The HERESA Podcast” in the next few months. Over several episodes, we will host a variety of discussions with academics, educators and pedagogical experts around issues and concerns in Higher Education. While our members-only HERESA Café sessions have sought similar objectives within the parameters of private discussions with HERESA members only, the HERESA Podcast episodes will be published on our website and other social media platforms which are open to the public. Our mission is to provide an accessible platform that listeners from different walks of life can tune into.

We look forward to sharing these conversations with you as we shed light on the important work that we do here at HERESA.

Visit our HERESA Podcast page here

Watch this space for new and unique activities created by HERESA!