Work Packages

A ‘work package’ methodology is utilised in the approach to the HERESA project.

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The HERESA project has both a structural nature (aimed at policy impact at the national level in SA) and an institutional nature, targeting teaching and learning strategy change in South African university members of the THENSA.

The methodological approach of this project is grounded in Participatory Action Research (PAR). This focuses on research in communities (of practice) that emphasizes participation and action. It seeks to understand the world by trying to change it, collaboratively and following reflection.

Work Packages

Training Programme for Higher Education Reform

This work package entails detailed preparation of training programme that HERESA will follow, as a means to develop professionally and also as a means for the institutions to gain important insights for their strategic development.

Executing the Training Programme(s)

This work package focuses on the execution of the training programme. The first training events will be related to the 4 priority areas identified. Following this, the next time of event is a workshop which is largely driven by HERESA and specifically targeted at leadership development

New Strategic Approaches for Innovative, Entrepreneurial Teaching

Each partner university, guided by HERESA, will produce or revise a specific strategy on innovative and entrepreneurial teaching – one of the main outputs of the project. 

Implementing Strategies: Institutional Technical Assistance

This involves measures to develop capacity in the partner universities to deliver upon their strategic plans. Including Technical Assistance Missions (TAM), which are targeted consultancy visits by EU experts, who will provide support on-site for training staff on relevant topics, and Mentorship or ‘staff shadowing’.

Dissemination and National Policy Impact

Dedicated to creating a consistent dialogue space for HERESA where important policy lessons can be discussed and promoted, and also generating synergies with other relevant projects. HERESA will produce regular policy briefs, which be targeted at the policy level and be disseminated to the wider public.

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